ihiveLIVE Sharing Platform

With Just One Click YOU Can Make a Difference


Why We Believe in ihiveLIVE

People are bombarded with advertising every moment of every day and most of it is not relevant to them at all.  This constant attack of advertising messages has become even worse on the internet as users try and navigate online where every page seems to have more ads than content, and where users who inadvertently mouse over videos and podcasts, have to hear businesses selling this or that.

The ihiveLIVE sharing platform puts you, “the consumer”, back in control.  You tell us what brands and businesses you want to receive offers from, and in return for sharing that information, we then use your stated preferences to deliver offers to you that are relevant and timely to you and your family.  The rest is just “noise”.

ihiveLIVE is “A Tool for Good”

People also want to help others, when they can, and this natural tendency makes them feel good!  And the ihiveLIVE sharing platform is an incredible “tool for good”.  Revenue is generated when an ihiveLIVE member views or clicks an ad, or purchases something online.  This member activity generates revenue for ihiveLIVE and we then share that revenue with our members who can share it with a charity or cause of their choosing.

A Simple Idea That Benefits Everyone

We believe that your digital information is valuable, and if you are willing to provide it, you should share in the revenue it generates. It is a simple “Give to Get” philosophy, and the cornerstone of our unique revenue sharing framework. The “Give” is member’s valuable information, which generates targeted advertising opportunities; the “Get” is up to 40% of the revenue generated from these ads. This is revenue members can then use to support their favourite cause or charity.

Our Main Shareholder: Tri-Media Integrated Marketing Technologies Inc.

The ihiveLIVE sharing platform has been developed by Tri-Media Integrated Marketing Technologies, as a strategic business unit of the company. Established in 1986, Tri-Media created the first virtual network in Canada, and has made the Profit 200’s fastest growing company seven times. Tri-Media is a hybrid global communications firm, performing as both a marketing company and technology company to a wide range of clients, including several of the world’s most recognizable brands.

As the parent company, Tri-Media provides ihiveLIVE with senior management leadership, corporate resources, and direct access to its advertising and client network to help ensure early success, initial adoption and trial usage. The company’s existing and historical relationships with both global companies and advertisers will be utilized to gain entry and cultivate interest in ihiveLIVE. In addition, our strategic framework involves the active participation of numerous intermediaries and partner organizations who will be approached and incentivized as we continue to build and market the ihiveLIVE sharing platform.