ihiveLIVE Sharing Platform

With Just One Click YOU Can Make a Difference

Why We Believe in ihiveLIVE

People are bombarded with advertising every moment of every day and most of it is not relevant to them at all.  This constant attack of advertising messages has become even worse on the internet as users try and navigate online where every page seems to have more ads than content, and where users who inadvertently mouse over videos and podcasts, have to hear businesses selling this or that.

The ihiveLIVE sharing platform puts you, “the consumer”, back in control.  You tell us what brands and businesses you want to receive offers from, and in return for sharing that information, we then use your stated preferences to deliver offers to you that are relevant and timely to you and your family.  The rest is just “noise”.

ihiveLIVE is “A Tool for Good”

People also want to help others, when they can, and this natural tendency makes them feel good!  And the ihiveLIVE sharing platform is an incredible “tool for good”.  Revenue is generated when an ihiveLIVE member views or clicks an ad, or purchases something online.  This member activity generates revenue for ihiveLIVE and we then share that revenue with our members who can share it with a charity or cause of their choosing.

A Simple Idea That Benefits Everyone

We believe that your digital information is valuable, and if you are willing to provide it, you should share in the revenue it generates. It is a simple “Give to Get” philosophy, and the cornerstone of our unique revenue sharing framework. The “Give” is member’s valuable information, which generates targeted advertising opportunities; the “Get” is up to 40% of the revenue generated from these ads. This is revenue members can then use to support their favourite cause or charity.

Our Main Shareholder: Tri-Media Integrated Marketing Technologies Inc.

The ihiveLIVE sharing platform has been developed by Tri-Media Integrated Marketing Technologies, as a strategic business unit of the company. Established in 1986, Tri-Media created the first virtual network in Canada, and has made the Profit 200’s fastest growing company seven times. Tri-Media is a hybrid global communications firm, performing as both a marketing company and technology company to a wide range of clients, including several of the world’s most recognizable brands.

As the parent company, Tri-Media provides ihiveLIVE with senior management leadership, corporate resources, and direct access to its advertising and client network to help ensure early success, initial adoption and trial usage. The company’s existing and historical relationships with both global companies and advertisers will be utilized to gain entry and cultivate interest in ihiveLIVE. In addition, our strategic framework involves the active participation of numerous intermediaries and partner organizations who will be approached and incentivized as we continue to build and market the ihiveLIVE sharing platform.

Volunteer Work Experience/ Possible Employment Opportunities
Join the ihiveLIVE Team

Want to gain exceptional, practical work experience that will help you learn or expand the skill sets that will allow you compete for future job opportunities?  The work environment will be fun, dynamic, and focused on success; you will be given complete autonomy with your role and responsibilities within a team environment.

Watch Our User Experience Video:

We Are Looking for Volunteers to Help With:

Graphic Design
Marketing and Communications
Social Media
Public and Media Relations
Business Development/Revenue Generation
Technical Ideas and Development
Community Liaison
Best Practice Research and Monitoring
Photography and Videography
Business Plan Development and Management

HIVE ACTIVITY:        Graphic Design

We are looking for creative designers to create attractive and inspiring materials for ihiveLIVE sales, marketing and awareness campaigns. This may include fresh new branding elements, banners, posters, web materials, interactive media and other similar materials.  We envisage that our creative designers will work closely with the Marketing and Communications team, collaborating and providing insight and ideas on how to successfully market ihiveLIVE and position and use communications materials.
HIVE ACTIVITY:        Marketing and Communications

We are looking for marketing types  who can help develop our marketing communications strategy, and provide leadership in its execution. In this role you will gain feedback from the larger ihiveLIVE team, generating ideas and feedback, especially as it relates to the brand management of the project.  Some strategic planning has already been done, and some creative branding ideas have been posited … so there is something to start with.  But, we are looking for leadership to take what is there and run with it.
HIVE ACTIVITY:        Social Media Coordinator(s)

The Social Media Coordinator(s) will be responsible for developing and executing a clearly defined social media strategy that supports the online Marketing, Public and Media Relations and Community Liaison activities for ihiveLIVE.  If you are a highly motivated self-starter who “lives” on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, Pinterest, WordPress, Vine, etc., and are genuinely interested in talking to the community and beyond about what is offered and available with ihiveLIVE, then this is a role perfectly suited for you.

Specific activities for this role would include:

– identification, creation and management of branded social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Youtube  and others
– establishment and maintenance of an editorial or planning calendar
– generating engaging content. articles and information and posting daily to the various sites
– monitor responses and track results
– diagnostics and analytics to understand target audience behaviours

Examples of content ideas:

  • Weekly tips and advice on how to maximize your shopping experience on ihiveLIVE
  • Post something humorous (in good taste)
  • Highlight and recognize users
  • Incorporate “social media” only offers
  • Be interactive – ask questions people will want to answer
  • Photos and videos
  • Coupons and contests
  • Product overviews
  • “How To” videos

HIVE ACTIVITY : Public and Media Relations

We are looking for individuals who understand the importance of getting positive visibility at special events and through media coverage for ihiveLIVE. You will be in charge of creating a media package for ihiveLIVE, and any other material that will encourage positive media coverage. You will become the main contact for media inquiries and you will create strong working relationships with key individuals working for media outlets and those who have established themselves as media types across the Internet, using newsletters, blogs and other online technologies and tools. Offer to give media access to ihiveLIVE team members and University/College partners, or provide your own suggested stories (ideas or actual content) to make it easy for media to do their job or publish stories about ihiveLIVE

Public relations is the business of getting (and keeping) your organization in a positive light. As such, you will be charged with coming up with events and newsworthy topics that you can share with your media contacts on a regular basis. Create special events for broadening awareness on campus and the greater community.  Of course, these are but a few general ideas for this key role with ihiveLIVE.  Get on board and put your own personal stamp on how this role can create amazing positive awareness and help attract new members, partners and funding for ihiveLIVE.

 HIVE ACTIVITY:        Business Development/Revenue Generation

We are looking for 1-2 persons with a flair for business development and sales, and number crunching.  One of the key points of differentiation for ihiveLIVE is the sharing of revenue that the site generates from advertising, marketing and merchandising.  We need your help to tell that story in a compelling, easy to understand manner supported by data and variable calculations.  You will work closely with the Marketing and Communications team to ensure that sales related marketing materials always have a “call to action” component that will help support the lead generation process.

We need your help in preparing talk tracks, FAQs, promotional sales sheets and other related material that can be used to move a suspect to become a prospect to a final sale.  You will develop your own target list and manage the entire sales process, reporting directly to the Executive Vice-President for the ihiveLIVE product, and the corporate lead for ihiveLIVE.

This is a very important and high profile role because “if there ain’t no honey, then there ain’t no money” to support the sharing model.  We believe that ihiveLIVE offers an enormous financial benefits, and we are hoping you can help us realize, and then surpass, these expectations!

 HIVE ACTIVITY:        Technical Ideas and Development

We are looking for a few creative “techies” who understand how everything works “under the hood” (using a car analogy).  In this role you will have access to the back-end of the ihiveLIVE build so that you can fully understand how it works and to be able to recommend potential enhancements or improvements.  In our fast moving world the only real constant is change, and the driver for most of this change is technology.  As a key resource to the  ihiveLIVE team, we will be looking to you to help us understand why things work the way they do, what we might be able to do to keep improving, and ensuring that all of our forward looking plans reflect the most recent changes in what is offered by new and emerging technologies.

We need you to help us stay on the cutting edge and offer us continued insight into how we ( and the ihiveLIVE platform) can differentiate ourselves.  Moreover, we need your help in keeping us in demonstrating what makes our platform “leading-edge” and worthy of others actually following our lead.  Every revolution needs leaders —- are you up to the task?

HIVE ACTIVITY:        Community Liaison(s)

We are looking for a few individuals to be Community Liaisons for the project.  If you love meeting and working with people, creating strong personal and working relationships and are confident with your interpersonal and communications skills, including making presentations and speaking to groups, then you are a perfect fit for the  ihiveLIVE team.  There are many campus and off campus organizations, groups and clubs who need to be informed about what we are creating and we want them to feel that they are a part of what is happening with ihiveLIVE and its development; and we need their support to be successful.  We are hoping that through these working relationships, people will find ways within their own organization to help promote ihiveLIVE and encourage its members to be active participants.

HIVE ACTIVITY:        Best Practice Research and Monitoring

We are looking for individuals to conduct ongoing research and active monitoring on online retail, consumer satisfaction levels, emerging trends, cash back industry, block chain technology, etc.  Through this research we will obtain good insight into the current and future state for online platforms like ihiveLIVE and technological opportunities, and keep active files on competitive research, best practice, and emerging thinking and studies.  Conversely, we would like to explore how the ihiveLIVE platform might also be the subject for published and non-published possibilities.   Regular briefings and/or directed communications on what is learned can then be shared with the team and ihiveLIVE management, and used in a myriad of other ways as well.

HIVE ACTIVITY:        Photography and Videography

We are looking for a few dedicated and talented individuals to work together in establishing a photography and videography team for ihiveLIVE.  When it comes to online end-user experiences — content is king —- and while some people still read, more and more people online are clicking on videos and photographs, giving credence to the old adage that “a picture is worth a thousand words”.  We need creative ideas and videos for a YouTube , Facebook, and google + page, for starters.  These then become key marketing, communications and public relations and media tools for our  ihiveLIVE team to use.  We anticipate a strong working relationship with cable and community-based TV, and your involvement and support here will be invalueable.  How about the idea of a documentary style piece that chronicles the establishment of the  Hive, from its early beginnings to its successful launch, for example.

Please send your resume or online background links to:

Guy Graveline, Vice-President and Co-Founder for ihiveLIVE
guyg@ihivelive.com or gravelineguy@gmail.com or via LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/guy-graveline-4b788812/