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Revenue for Your Charity

hexagon-share-newSharing revenue is what ihiveLIVE is all about. When an individual signs up they are asked to choose a charitable cause to receive 20% or more of the revenue that they will generate from ihiveLIVE.  Imagine thousands of ihiveLIVE members, telling other members and redirecting the revenue they will receive, to your charity.

As a charitable organization your involvement is very minimal.  ihiveLIVE will create a unique direct link for your organization that you would send to your supporters and advocates. This can be done through any source of communication your charity or  organization presently uses.  When the recipient clicks on the direct link, it will open up this landing page for them to get started.  That’s it!

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ihiveLIVE offers your current donors an opportunity to donate more money to your charity by simply being online at ihiveLIVE.  It also offers you a way to engage supporters of your charity who may have not given financially in the past because of lack of funds on their part.  ihiveLIVE will provide them with those funds, based on their online activity and purchases.

To better understand ihiveLIVE works and how our sharing platform can help charities and their causes, we have produced a short presentation.  Due to the developmental nature of our product at this time, we would ask you to take a moment to acknowledge our “Non-Disclosure Agreement” first, before viewing.

If you are a charitable organization, we would love to have you become a part of ihiveLIVE and help us share our revenue so by working together, we can financially help others.  Please complete and submit this short form.  We will contact you within 48 hours, and provide you with a secure link to our demo presentation.

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