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When you join ihiveLIVE you will be able to choose your personal advertising preferences and then receive offers from businesses with products and services that satisfy those preferences. You then shop online at ihiveLIVE with your favorite merchants (retailers) and travel providers (and more) just as you do today, but now you are generating revenue for you and your favorite charities.

How? Well, ihiveLIVE financially rewards you for your active participation. Revenue is generated from your online advertising and merchandising activity. The revenue generated is shared: 20% with you and 20% to the charity you choose. Our financial model is based on sharing of up to 40% of the revenue. We share the revenue so you can “pay it forward”.

Our planned launch date for ihiveLIVE is Spring, 2017.  We would love to have you pre-register today and we will email you further details once we officially launch.  By registering today, you will help us with our fundraising efforts, as one of the first questions we are asked by potential investors is “so how many people have signed up”. Help us so that together we can build our sharing platform and begin to “help others”.

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