Great Website

ihiveLIVE is a platform that I will use lots moving forward as I continue to shop online!

I Am Excited About the Power of the Hive

The ihiveLIVE platform is visionary genius. It’s a multi-layered portal that brings consumers and charities together through online purchases of services or items that a typical consumer needs anyway. In my view, it definitely will have the potential to help more of society than a purely commercial eCommerce portal. Privacy and personal consumer preference is another feature of the platform, that I truly value. I only receive offers and communication based on my personal and specific needs and interests. This concept, I believe is the future for online shoppers. It will very much benefit the long term economic and social goals of any type of charity and their teams of evangelists throughout North America.

I am excited about future developments and the Power of The Hive, going forward!

Love This Platform!

It’s super simple & easy to use. Being able to support & give back to local charities is a huge added bonus.

This is Something That is Truly Needed!

I have worked for a non-profit organization for over 24 years and active fundraising is an integral part of our sustainability in the community.  In fact, years ago, several people lost their jobs due to lack of funding.  So, when I attended a presentation about ihiveLIVE, it immediately hit home with me about how great it would be for our organization to be a part of it and to benefit from what it offers charities.  It seems that almost every day I am hearing more and more people talk about what they are buying online, and it now occurs to me that this is a reality and a trend that will continue to grow.  Recently, while at the gym I was privy to a conversation regarding a few women discussing how multiple stores are closing down due to people choosing to shop online instead of shopping in store.

The concept ofsharing and caring resonates with me on many levels, and if fits perfectly with what I do every day at my workplace.  So, to the developers of ihiveLIVE — get it done because this is something that is truly needed.

Gail Murdoch
formerly with The Niagara Children’s Centre


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I Like What I See in ihiveLIVE

As the CIO for a local college, I tend to live and breath technology every day, and I like what I see in ihiveLIVE.  It is an agile online platform that will be able to continuously take advantage of the ever-changing world of technology and software applications, and incorporate these seamlessly for continuous improvements. ihiveLIVE has been designed with an easy and quick onboarding process that can be fulfilled with 1 or 2 clicks.  It is disruptive in a positive way in how it “gives consumers control of the advertising process and the offers they receive”, as most of what we consumers receive now is often disruptive in a negative way, unwanted or not relevant at all to our interests or stage in life.  I understand that the platform will also provide portals for charities and businesses (advertisers) and I believe this will be a real value-added feature and should facilitate strong working relationships with these groups.

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The Shopper of the 21st Century

From my experience in the technology world, I have reviewed both the functionality of ihiveLIVE and the projected plan for this platform. I believe this platform is the right fit for those looking to make an impact for the causes they hold close to their heart and impact how e-commerce is delivered to the shopper of the 21st century.

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ihiveLIVE Creates Ongoing Opportunites

It is refreshing to find a platform that excels in connecting product advertisers with potential customers. Ads are welcomed by your consumer because ihiveLIVE ensures that they have proactively shown an interest in your products. More importantly, in a time when value driven customer relationships are essential, ihiveLIVE creates ongoing opportunities for businesses and consumers to share philanthropic experiences that also benefit themselves. Likewise, for charities, it brings a welcome boost in access to donations in what has become a very crowded space. It’s about making it easy for businesses, consumers and charities to successfully act together by leveraging sharing technology.

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Why Wouldn’t I Do This? 

ihiveLIVE appealed to me immediately since my family and friends are increasingly making more of our purchases online, and I see this trend continuing for years to come.  So with ihiveLIVE we can continue to do what we are already doing today AND take advantage of the many features offered by the ihiveLIVE sharing platform: a personalized shopping experience, savings on our purchases, and an easy and simple way to use the cash rewards we get from ihiveLIVE to donate to a charity or support a cause of our choosing.  Why Wouldn’t I Do This?