Advertising Opportunities

Advertisers have Better ROI and are Socially Responsible

Advertisers participate on the ihiveLIVE’s sharing platform by providing specified ad types which can be featured in various placements across the network. All ads are permission-based using the preferences of our members which are managed by their individual profile settings. We believe that giving consumers control of online advertisements improves advertisers’ return on investment (ROI) as it creates direct marketing channels with consumers that provide opportunities for advertisers to connect with ihiveLIVE Members —- individuals who want to receive these offers and are pre-disposed to make a purchase.

What ihiveLIVE offers both businesses and consumers is a better way to create personalized 1 to 1 relationships between buyers and sellers; and a better way to share the advertising revenue that is generated by virtue of our members participation. So if you are a business advertising in this manner on ihiveLIVE, you are also indirectly helping support a variety of philanthropic causes and being socially responsible at the same time. A real win win scenario for everyone!

ihiveLIVE business model recognizes the growing importance of the Internet and mobile to the advertising, e-commerce and merchandising industry. Increasingly, individuals are spending more time online in using mobile devices for purchasing and financial transactions. In response to this new reality, advertising spending is moving to online platforms and these are becoming the new virtual highways connecting businesses brands and consumers.

This creates direct marketing channels that provide precise targeted opportunities for advertisers to connect with ihiveLIVE Members —- individuals who want to receive these offers and are pre-disposed to make a purchase.

This becomes a win win scenario for everyone.

We Connect Advertisers With Qualified Buyers Who Are Pre-disposed to Purchase

With ihiveLIVE, increased value is created for advertisers utilizing “permission-based marketing” as opposed to traditional, interruptive marketing strategies. Our use of permission based marking techniques, unlike the competition, ensures members only see targeted advertisements, based on pre-selected preferences.

Many web users continue to find traditional online ads intrusive and irrelevant and a growing number of them are now using Adblock software to block these ads. Unlike advertisements found across the web, ihiveLIVE Members opt into precision marketing messages upon registration.   What ihiveLIVE offers is a better way to create personalized relationships between buyers and sellers.

We Provide Advertising Opportunities for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

The viral social commerce aspect creates precision marketing opportunities for local and regional merchants, advertisers and sponsors who can extend targeted advertising and offers to ihiveLIVE members. Only ihiveLIVE members who have already indicated an interest in receiving specific offers will receive them.


If you would like to learn more about how your business can benefit from advertising its products or services on ihiveLIVE, contact Albert Iannantuono at