Frequently Asked Questions

Here you’ll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions by people. So if you have a question, have a look at the FAQs listed in this page – the answer you’re looking for might be there.

But if you don’t find what you’re looking for, then by all means feel free to contact us.

What is ihiveLIVE ?

ihiveLIVE is an online consumer portal where the user chooses the products, services and merchants that they want to receive advertising offers from. The Member receives a portion of the revenue that is generated from the ads and offers that they will see and the purchases they will make from their merchants. It is structured and offers many of the same features and benefits of popular, highly successful cashback sites ** operating around the world today.

With ihiveLIVE the revenue generated is shared: 25% with the Member and 25% with a favourite cause or charity that the Member designates. ihiveLIVE’s financial model is based on sharing of up to 50% of the revenue with its Members.

Consumers are purchasing more and more products online every day. Now, with just one extra click they can do all of their shopping from the ihiveLIVE sharing platform. Here they choose advertising and merchant offers that are relevant to them, get rewarded for their participation and loyalty and share in the revenue that is generated. A place where they can “pay forward” the passive revenue they generate from their ihiveLIVE page activity.

How Does ihiveLIVE Work ?

Members create a profile, choose their personal purchasing preferences and then ihiveLIVE finds businesses that specifically satisfy those stated preferences. When members become active participants on their ihiveLIVE page, and respond to advertising and merchandising offers, they generate revenue for their causes and for themselves. This creates direct marketing channels that provide precise targeted opportunities for advertisers to connect with ihiveLIVE Members —- individuals who want to receive these offers and are pre-disposed to make a purchase.

This becomes a win win scenario for everyone: for consumers, businesses and charities.

How Do ihiveLIVE Members Earn Cash Rewards ?

Members earn cash from viewing and/or watching ads, answering surveys, engaging with brands, downloading games, redeeming coupons, and purchasing products and services. ihiveLIVE’s sharing platform is agile and we will constantly be incorporating and taking advantage of  improvements and enhancements with hardware and software technologies that are emerging and shaping our world every day.

What Are Some Examples of Revenue Sharing on ihiveLIVE ?

Example #1– Shoe Purchases:

An ihiveLIVE Member clicks on an offer from Adidas that they find on their MyMerchants page and it brings them to the Adidas website. The Member makes a purchase totaling $253.96. The commission that Adidas has for this purchase is 5 %.

ihiveLIVE receives 5% from Adidas for the sale = $12.70.  50% of the revenue is then shared with the ihiveLIVE Member:

Member gets 25% = $3.17
Member’s charity/cause gets 25% = $3.17
ihiveLIVE revenue share = $6.34

Example # 2 — Travel Purchase:

An ihiveLIVE Member wants to travel to Mexico, goes to their MyTravel page and clicks on a travel offer.  The Member makes a purchase totaling $2,660.34. The commission for this purchase is 10%.

ihiveLIVE receives 10% from the sale = $266.03.   50% of the revenue is then shared with the ihiveLIVE Member:

Member gets 25% = $66.50
Member’s charity/cause gets 25% = $66.50
ihiveLIVE revenue share  = $133‬.00

Example # 3 — Book Purchases

An ihiveLIVE Member goes to their MyMerchants  page, sees some deals from Amazon, clicks on one of the offers and while on the Amazon site, makes a purchase totaling $ 53.99.  Amazon gives a 4% commission for this purchase.

ihiveLIVE receives  4% from the sale = $2.15.  50% of the revenue is then shared with the ihiveLIVE Member:

Member gets 25% = $0.54
Member’s charity/cause gets 25% = $0.54
ihiveLIVE revenue share = $1.08

For just these three purchases by an ihiveLIVE Member, a designated charity could receive as much as $ 140.42‬. * (if the Member gives their entire ihiveLIVE cash to their designated charity)

Where Does ihiveLIVE Get Its Revenue?

Revenue is generated from numerous sources including advertising, coupons, surveys, polling, sweepstakes and merchandising.

Who is Behind ihiveLIVE?

ihiveLIVE has been developed by Tri-Media Integrated Marketing Technologies Inc., located in Niagara, Canada. It is a strategic business unit of the company.

Tri-Media has been in business since 1986. We created the first virtual community in Canada, and we have made Canada’s Profit 200’s fastest growing company list seven times.

How Do ihiveLIVE Members Get Paid?

At this time, ihiveLIVE offers our Members three easy ways receive their funds. They can opt to receive their funds by cheque, have payments sent directly to their Paypal account, or to their personal bank account.  As digital marketing expands and online enviroments proliferate, there will be advancements in payment methods and the security that they afford, which we will consider.  Our intention is to employ the latest industry standards, as online marketing and sales evolves.

Is ihiveLIVE a non-profit?

ihiveLIVE is a for-profit social commerce and affinity solution. We negotiate great cashback rates with each of our affiliate merchants and direct up to 50% of the cashback proceeds back into ihiveLIVE. This allows us to invest in expanding our reach, enhancing technology to promote social giving and creating an online social community.  When you explore merchants through ihiveLIVE, you’ll see the cashback percentage advertised – that’s the rate you and your charity will receive!

Will I receive a tax receipt?

ihiveLIVE is a for-profit entity and not a registered charity.  As such we are not permitted to issue tax receipts for donations. With respect to the cashback generated as a member of ihiveLIVE, this revenue is generally classified as cause-related marketing activity for the charity rather than a donation.  It is therefore not possible for us to recognize the cashback you direct as a charitable donation.