ihiveLIVE Sharing Platform

With Just One Click YOU Can Make a Difference

ihiveLIVE is an online consumer portal where the user chooses products, services and merchants that they want to receive advertising offers from. The user receives a portion of the revenue that is generated from the ads that they will see and the merchants that they will purchase from. The revenue generated is shared: 20% with the user and 20% with a favourite cause or charity that the user designates. ihiveLIVE’s financial model is based on sharing of up to 40% of the revenue.

Consumers are purchasing more and more products online every day. Now, with just one extra click you can do all of your shopping from one site where you control what advertising you receive and a place where you can generate revenue for yourself and your favourite charity.

A Mechanism for “Giving Back”. For Consumers and Businesses.

As members accumulate financial rewards they will have an option to donate to their preferred causes or spend their earnings on rewards. The ihiveLIVE revenue sharing model provides clear leadership in philanthropy and exemplifies the importance of “giving back” to one’s community.


Join Today

There is no cost to become a member.  Registration is quick and simple.  Create your personal profile, choose your advertising preferences, select a charity, and you are done.  Join today and start generating revenue for you and your favourite charity.


Revenue for Your Charity

Your charity could benefit greatly.  Imagine thousands of ihiveLIVE members redirecting the revenue they will receive, to your charity. Help us so we can help you “help others”.


Precision Advertising

ihiveLIVE facilitates personalized one to one relationships between buyers and sellers. Our members tell us what advertising offers they are interested in and we connect them with businesses who offer those specific products and services.  Simple really.  Ready to get on board?