India FAQ

Here you’ll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions by members in ihiveLIVE. So if you have a question, have a look at the FAQs listed in this page – the answer you’re looking for might be there.

But if you don’t find what you’re looking for, then by all means feel free to contact us at

Why do you require my personal information?

ihiveLIVE relies on your personal information to understand your preferences and ensure that when you generate cashback for yourself and your charity that information is on file to process payments. Details outlining how your personal information is cared for is detailed within our Terms & Conditions .

Why is there a 6-month lock in period if I was referred to ihiveLIVE by my charity?

We work closely with charities to support their fundraising efforts. As the charity is the originator of the introduction we want to recognize their efforts and work closely with them to ensure your experience is positive. If you have specific concerns we can address to improve your experience please complete a survey under the Help menu within the application or contact us at

Why aren’t there more available merchants? I can’t find my favourite brands.

ihiveLIVE is growing the number of affiliated merchants everyday. We appreciate your support and would like to be able to tell merchants we have very interested consumers. Please let us know your preferred merchants in the feedback survey under the Help Menu or email us at

What is the minimum threshold for payments from ihiveLIVE?

You will be notified when you accumulate $25 of cashback so that you can complete your payment request. You can select to receive the cashback payment via email transfer or gift the cashback to your charity.

I completed a purchase transaction with a merchant, however I don’t see cashback reflected in MyTransactions. Why?

You will be able to see your transaction information after we receive confirmation and data from the Merchant you purchased from (usually 24-48 hours). Only transactions that generate cashback will be reflected. Also, it is possible that either the merchant transaction did not qualify for cashback or that your browser settings did not allow ihiveLIVE tracking to be carried to the merchant website. Please contact for further information.

I have changed my email provider and need to update my information. How do I change my email address?

Unfortunately, you cannot change your email for ihiveLIVE once you have signed up. If you no longer have access to your email you will need to sign-up for ihiveLIVE with your new email address and send a request to to merge your accounts.  Please ensure you cell phone number is on file so that you can be contacted to confirm your identity.

Why can’t I save my credit card information in ihiveLIVE so that I don’t have to re-input it with each purchase?

For your security ihiveLIVE does not capture or store your credit card information. All financial transactions are conducted within the merchant website according to their security requirements. If you use the same merchant regularly your merchant may store this information for your convenience however ihiveLIVE does not. If you experience any concerns relating to your payment method, please contact your credit card company or the merchant directly.

Do I have to shop through ihiveLIVE each time in order to qualify for cashback?

Yes, we recommend you always log-in to ihiveLIVE before shopping at a merchant website otherwise you and your cause may not receive cashback.  Merchant cookie tracking (sometimes 24 hours or less) may expire before you revisit the site and other websites or applications you have visited in the interim may interfere with the merchant’s ability to track your last visit.  Also, it is important your shopping cart is emptied of any previous items so your next purchase will qualify as current purchase for cashback purposes.  Shopping through ihiveLIVE each time will ensure you are aware of best available offers and new merchants that have been recently added.

How does the Double-Cashback promotion work?

From time to time ihiveLIVE will set special promotion dates for Double-Cashback. This is a great time to help your cause and earn more cashback for you.  From 12:01AM of the launch date until 11:59pm of the finish date, ihiveLIVE doubles the cashback paid to both charities and members.  You will see the cashback rates published in the ihiveLIVE system are doubled during the promotion period.

This is a great time to ‘Bee the Buzz’ for your hive and invite Friends & Family to join so they can generate Double-Cashback too!  They will earn twice the cashback for themselves and twice the cashback for their charity – now that’s twice as nice!

Important: Our partnership with works differently as purchases made by members are not tracked individually.  During Double-Cashback 100% of all proceeds from are given to the charities proportionally based on number of active ihiveLIVE members supporting each charity.

I tried using the ‘Find Merchant’ search to locate, but nothing comes up. How do I find Amazon on the ihiveLIVE platform? works a little differently than our other merchants. It is only accessible via advertising banners found on the homepage. We have placed a number of banners prominently on the homepage. To get to simply click on the banner. If you are on another page where there is no banner, please click on the ihiveLIVE logo at the top left of each screen to return to the homepage to access the banners.

I purchased products from on ihiveLIVE but I do not see it in my personal dashboard under MyCashback or under MyTransactions?

Our partnership with works differently as purchases made by members cannot be tracked individually at this time, however every qualifying purchase is very important to your charity. Please note purchases will not reflect in your personal dashboard under My Transactions and your confirmation of purchase will come directly from Amazon.

How does a purchase from help my charity?

For all qualifying purchases made via the banner, ihiveLIVE will share 50% of all cashback proceeds proportionately with all charity partners based on the total number of members supporting the respective charity on the ihiveLIVE platform as of 11.59 pm EST on the last calendar day of each month.