Giving You Control

Elderly couple shopping from home using the internet

Consumers can now say goodbye to being bombarded with totally irrelevant marketing messages. You tell us what you want and that is all you will receive in advertising messages.

Consumers, just like you, are purchasing more and more products online every day. Now, with just one extra click you can do all of your shopping from your own dedicated website where you control what advertising you want to receive and where you can generate revenue for yourself and your favorite charities. A place where you can “pay forward” the passive revenue you generate from your personalized ihiveLIVE page.

We believe that most people want to help others when they can and this natural tendency makes them feel good! And ihiveLIVE’s sharing platform is an incredible tool for good. Revenue is generated when an ihiveLIVE member views or clicks on an ad or purchases products or services while shopping online. This member activity generates revenue for ihiveLIVE and we then share that revenue with our members who can now use it to share with a charity or cause of their choosing.

With ihiveLIVE the revenue generated is shared: 25% with the Member and 25% with a favourite cause or charity that the Member designates. Note, the Member can decide to give all of their ihiveLIVE money to charity. Our financial model is based on sharing of up to 50% of the revenue with its Members.

ihiveLIVE is a community where everyone works together to share and show that they care. Like bees in a hive … working together for a common cause.