Cashback and How Can it Help Your Charity

Cashback and How Can it Help Your Charity

What if your charity could earn sustainable revenue with minimal effort? The ihiveLIVE sharing platform allows members to shop online and earn cashback from themselves and their charity.

What is Cashback?

ihiveLIVE defines cashback as a percentage of a purchase made through ihiveLIVE that is earned as cash. The purpose of ihiveLIVE cashback is to help members give to their charities while shopping online like they normally would. This allows members to incorporate giving into their everyday lives and purchases. As an example, if a member made a purchase of $100.00 at their favorite bookstore like Indigo, with a cashback rate of 1.25% that member would earn $1.25 on their purchase. A little bit adds up to a lot just like when bees make honey, so imagine if 1000 people shopped for the same charity each week that would be $1250 in cashback.

How Does Cashback Help Your Charity?

For charities, cashback provides a sustainable source of revenue with minimal effort. Imagine, a source of revenue that does not require the effort and time a fundraiser would. Instead charities simply have to sign up and promote through their social media pages that they are an ihiveLIVE partner. The greatest thing about ihiveLIVE is, giving is both free and easy for both the members and the charities.

Why choose ihiveLIVE?

With consumers focused on the digital world it is important to have a path to giving that is easily accessible. ihiveLIVE takes online donations one step further by incentivising giving. By shopping online at their favourite stores, members get the benefit of receiving cashback and a physical item at their doorstep. Through the gratification of giving, ihiveLIVE promotes giving as an ongoing part of everyday purchases, whether it be for essential products or big purchases they can feel good and do good with every transaction.

Does ihiveLIVE sound like the right partnership for your charity? Click the link here to sign up today!