ihiveLIVE Can Benefit Sports Like Cycling

“The ihiveLIVE sharing platform is a simple idea that benefits everyone, and allows consumers, businesses and charities an opportunity to work together to do good.  Millions of people worldwide benefit from the services provided by charities and various causes, but COVID 19 has severely hurt usual fundraising activities, and social distancing may be with us for some time.  ihiveLIVE is a timely solution as it builds on the accelerated trend towards online shopping and ecommerce, and shares its revenue with its users so that they can “pay it forward” to help others.  I believe that ihiveLIVE can benefit sports like cycling  as well, as local, national and international organizations also depend on fundraising.  Why not take it for a spin and see for yourself!”

Steve Bauer, Olympic and World Cycling Medalist

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