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Cashback and How Can it Help Your Charity

Cashback and How Can it Help Your Charity What if your charity could earn sustainable revenue with minimal effort? The ihiveLIVE sharing platform [...]

Knowing ‘Why’ You Donate Provides Guidance on ‘How’

Charitable giving can be a fascinating exercise. Take, for example, Charles (Chuck) Feeney, now age 87 and living in San Francisco, who made […]

Give Consumers The Ads They Want

As advertising and ad measurement become more sophisticated, two things are certain: New technologies and channels are bombarding consumers with messaging, and consumers […]

Why It Is Time Fundraisers Embraced Lifestyle Giving

Bianca Mitchell, Partnerships Director at Savoo, explains what lifestyle giving is and why 2019 presents new opportunities for the fundraising channel. Lifestyle giving […]

The Giving Gap: What stops Canadians from donating more to charitable organizations?

ihiveLIVE ‘s sharing platform and business model provides cash to individuals so that they can donate to their favourite charity or cause.  And […]

3 Reasons Consumers Want You (Advertisers) to Adopt A Customer Data Platform

“Customers want brands to guide them quickly to products and offers that are truly relevant, instead of overwhelming them with meaningless messages.” Here […]

Study: 71% of consumers prefer personalized ads

There is plenty of evidence that ihiveLIVE is on the right track regarding giving consumers control over their personal preferences and delivering personalized […]

Consumers Don’t Hate Ads, They Just Have Personal Preferences in Advertising

Our approach at ihiveLIVE is really simple: let’s just ask the consumer what they want to receive in advertising messages and marketing offers. […]