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The ihiveLIVE sharing platform is in Beta Version 3.0 and it is being tested by a group of people ranging in ages and gender. Early results of our testing shows that the sharing platform works as we envisaged it would, and we have made several purchases and successfully tested our reward systems for users and charities.

As well, we are working with select charities on a Pilot Program to validate the user experience for charities and their supporters.

And while development work continues so does other work such as connecting with charities, businesses, affiliate network partners, and other parties who will all play an important role in making ihiveLIVE a success.

And this is where “you” come into the picture, and how you can help.  By signing up today you will help us demonstrate that there is strong interest in what ihiveLIVE has to offer.  This will help us in our conversations with charities, businesses, affiliate network partners and investors.


We will update you on our progress, and when we launch you will be invited to use the ihiveLIVE Sharing Platform and take full advantage of what it has to offer.

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