The Voice of The Consumer

A Customer-Centric Environment Where the Consumer is in Control. Evolved Shoppers.

The term “evolved shoppers” aptly describes the actions and motivations of today’s increasingly savvy, tech-driven shoppers who are transforming retail: (reference a recent White Paper published by UPS entitled Pulse of the Online Shopper, June 2016). Evolved shoppers are people who are increasingly doing most of their shopping online and seizing greater control of the process.

The ihiveLIVE business model takes advantage of consumer trends and disruptive technology and puts the “control” back in the hands of the consumer, the “customer”. Our consumer portal provides a customer-centric environment that creates a better relationship for consumers, businesses, advertisers and charities that results in mutually satisfying benefits for all partners involved in the buying/selling/sharing process. A place where consumers can communicate directly with business to create real one to one marketing offers and purchase products and services that they want and are relevant to their life.

We have created a platform that recognizes the importance of the “voice of the consumer”.

Planned features for ihiveLIVE that would allow for voting, polling and surveys provide additional options for the consumer to be heard and for advertisers to listen.

A Personalized Service That “Delivers” What You Want
When You Want It.

With ihiveLIVE you choose the advertising and merchant offers that you want to receive on your ihiveLIVE page and based on your preferences we deliver them to you. When you decide to act on what you want, we then deliver it to you when you want it, using our affiliate network. When our affiliate pays us a commission we then share that revenue and deliver it to you. Finally, based on your direction, we then share a percentage of your revenue to a charity or cause; and we deliver that too!