Charity FAQ

Here you’ll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions by people. So if you have a question, have a look at the FAQs listed in this page – the answer you’re looking for might be there.

But if you don’t find what you’re looking for, then by all means feel free to contact us.

What is ihiveLIVE ?

ihiveLIVE is an online consumer portal where the user chooses the products, services and merchants that they want to receive advertising offers from. The Member receives a portion of the revenue that is generated from the ads and offers that they will see and the purchases they will make from their merchants. It is structured and offers many of the same features and benefits of popular, highly successful cashback sites operating around the world today.

With ihiveLIVE the revenue generated is shared: 25% with the Member and 25% with a favourite cause or charity that the Member designates. ihiveLIVE’s financial model is based on sharing of up to 50% of the revenue with its Members.

Consumers are purchasing more and more products online every day. Now, with just one extra click they can do all of their shopping from the ihiveLIVE sharing platform. Here they choose advertising and merchant offers that are relevant to them, get rewarded for their participation and loyalty and share in the revenue that is generated. A place where they can “pay forward” the passive revenue they generate from their ihiveLIVE page.

Why is ihiveLIVE doing a pilot project?

Pilot projects help companies to manage and minimize risk with a new product.  Testing in a controlled manner allows project team members to examine the effects and to discover unexpected results.  Pilot testing is an opportunity for a company to gauge a target audience’s reaction to a product or program.

Our pilot project will help us test our product, our customer and technical service, and validate how everything works  in a controlled live environment with a select group of engaged charities and users.  With a smaller scope we can effectively test and refine capacity issues for our server, and understand how to troubleshoot quickly with any technical issues that may occur.  It also allows us to better understand user navigation and overall experience , data collection and sharing, and to make any improvements to our onboarding process and merchant profiling and preference selection.

Our plan is to use the lessons learned from the pilot project and to refine our product offering so that we are ready for a full-scale implementation in the late fall of 2020.

What are the benefits for the charity?

As an early partner of the ihiveLIVE sharing platform, a charity is able to build community awareness and user adoption amongst its supporter base, and begin to generate revenue sooner.  It is an excellent opportunity for the charity to provide feedback and suggestions about the platform’s features and benefits and operating processes and procedures to ensure that they  reflect what is in the best interests of the charity and its own membership base and internal operations; before ihiveLIVE  moves towards a national launch.  Effectively, charities engaged at the pilot project stage have the opportunity to help shape what the final product will be, which will only strengthen our relationship with the broader charitable sector.

What are the things that the charity should do?

We have provided all participating charities with tools and resources so that they can promote ihiveLIVE to their membership and inform them about the benefits of becoming an active member of ihiveLIVE.  We will be in constant contact with each charity throughout the pilot project , learning and discussing best approaches to get individuals to sign-up, so that there is a general understanding that by shopping online using ihiveLIVE  they can receive cash that they can re-direct to the charity.  This is a win win scenario.  The cash that is now used towards the work of the charity is passive income in that it is not earned but generated by simply shopping online.

Will ihiveLIVE provide the charity with regular reports?

ihiveLIVE will provide general updates on the pilot project, including data that is specific to each charity: such as  number of sign-ups,  personal contact information, and amount of money being generated for the charity itself from member purchases.

What is the ihiveLIVE Charity Tookit? How can the charity access it?

Our Charity Toolkit contains information, templates and creative materials to help the charity market and communicate the benefits of ihiveLIVE to their  various audiences and answer any questions that may be asked.  We want to make it simple and easy for the charity  to promote the benefits of ihiveLIVE to its supporters, friends and family.  Our Toolkit contains creative materials, communications templates, presentations, frequently asked questions,  videos, and blogs/articles.  A charity can access the Toolkit on our marketing website using this unique URL address:

What is the ihiveLIVE Ambassador Program? How does it work?

An ihiveLIVE Ambassador is a volunteer in your charity who can play a lead role as a key influencer and champion for the charity’s participation in ihiveLIVE.  Your chosen Ambassador  for ihiveLIVE  would actively promote the benefits of ihiveLIVE, working with you to encourage charity supporters to actively participate on the ihiveLIVE sharing platform, where they can generate revenue for the charity.

An ihiveLIVE Ambassador is a volunteer who believes in the ihiveLIVE concept and in “giving back to their community”.  By having an Ambassador for ihiveLIVE within your charity, you can assign specific activities to that person.  On a fairly regular basis we will communicate with all of the Ambassadors, gaining feedback and providing a mechanism for us to share ideas with them and to update them on the program.  You can find more information about the Ambassador program by visiting our marketing website and encouraging someone to submit their application.

We want to make it simple and easy for you to promote the benefits of ihiveLIVE to your supports and friends and family.

What happens after the pilot project is done?

Our plan is to use the lessons learned from the pilot project and to refine our product offering so that we are ready for a full-scale implementation in the late fall of 2020. Some activities we will be looking at are quality issues uncovered by the user community and addressing them.  A full report with the outcomes of the pilot, lessons learned and recommendations to move forward will be developed. A summary presentation with recommendations will  be discussed with our management team and shared with our charity partners.

Why is the purpose of a Letter of Intent?

A letter of intent (LOI) is a document outlining the general plans of an agreement between two or more parties, in this case between ihiveLIVE and the charity participating in the pilot project.  This is not a contract and cannot be legally enforced; however, it signifies a serious commitment from one involved party to another. From a goodwill perspective, it demonstrates that both parties will work together to meet the goals and objectives for the pilot project and thereby gain mutual benefits.