Sign Up for Charities

Charities are partnering with ihiveLIVE to offer their stakeholders an additional way to provide support.

Our Value Proposition

Our online sharing platform empowers people to help others; by providing them with financial rewards or benefits that they can direct to a charity of their choice. We share our profits and “pay it forward” so that individuals can “pay it forward”, allowing charities to “pay it forward” to support their causes.

When someone signs up with ihiveLIVE they are required to choose a charitable cause to share a minimum of half of their ihiveLIVE financial rewards with that charity or cause: (see How it Works). In fact, we believe most people will direct 100% of their financial rewards, as one of the primary reasons people will want to become a part of the ihiveLIVE community is to support charitable causes.

And all of this happens without any cost to the consumer or the charity; and for many people, simply doing what they do already when they shop online, or use their mobile phones at physical store locations.

Working Together "To Do Good"

ihiveLIVE is an opportunity for your charity to:

  • Raise funds without spending a penny
  • Increase donations from existing supporters
  • Attract new supporters and donors
  • Develop more personalized relationships with supporters leading to more life-time giving
  • Raise awareness about what your charity does to people committed “to giving back” to help others

The ihiveLIVE Sharing Platform” also provides every charity with access to their own secure environment where they can log in to view:

  • The contact information of each donor (based on permission) amounts, and donation receipt information
  • Historical data on the total amount of money donated
  • Historical data on the amount of money paid and relevant details for tracking

Charities Presentation

We have created a short presentation just for charities that talks about the need in the marketplace, how ihiveLIVE provides a viable fundraising solution, and the benefits the ihiveLIVE sharing platform provides charities by working together.

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