Testimonials Picture - John Levay

I Like What I See in ihiveLIVE

As the CIO for a local college, I tend to live and breath technology every day, and I like what I see in ihiveLIVE.  It is an agile online platform that will be able to continuously take advantage of the ever-changing world of technology and software applications, and incorporate these seamlessly for continuous improvements. ihiveLIVE has been designed with an easy and quick onboarding process that can be fulfilled with 1 or 2 clicks.  It is disruptive in a positive way in how it “gives consumers control of the advertising process and the offers they receive”, as most of what we consumers receive now is often disruptive in a negative way, unwanted or not relevant at all to our interests or stage in life.  I understand that the platform will also provide portals for charities and businesses (advertisers) and I believe this will be a real value-added feature and should facilitate strong working relationships with these groups.

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