This is Something That is Truly Needed!

I have worked for a non-profit organization for over 24 years and active fundraising is an integral part of our sustainability in the community.  In fact, years ago, several people lost their jobs due to lack of funding.  So, when I attended a presentation about ihiveLIVE, it immediately hit home with me about how great it would be for our organization to be a part of it and to benefit from what it offers charities.  It seems that almost every day I am hearing more and more people talk about what they are buying online, and it now occurs to me that this is a reality and a trend that will continue to grow.  Recently, while at the gym I was privy to a conversation regarding a few women discussing how multiple stores are closing down due to people choosing to shop online instead of shopping in store.

The concept ofsharing and caring resonates with me on many levels, and if fits perfectly with what I do every day at my workplace.  So, to the developers of ihiveLIVE — get it done because this is something that is truly needed.

Gail Murdoch
formerly with The Niagara Children’s Centre


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